Privacy Policy

The Siesta Hotel is determined to protect your privacy while browsing on our website, Our aim is to provide you with information about the hotel.

In order to offer a seamless service, our site will gather general information about you – things like what country you are browsing from or whether you have visited our site before. Your privacy is very important to us. That’s why we want to explain in detail the kind of information that our site will collect and how we may use it.

The first type of information that our site gathers is personal information. This is data that you voluntarily provide when browsing the site. For instance, you may type in your name, e-mail address, phone number, company affiliation, physical address and/or certain other personal information.

The second type of information is called aggregated data. This is information that is more general, such as which pages you visit, how many pages you visit, or how long you browse on our site.

We make every effort to secure your personal information. For example, if you fill out a request form on our site, we make sure to only use your personal details for the purpose of your request – nothing else. We will never sell or share your personal details with anyone else.  Of course, we will contact you about your request, but that’s all.

If you decide at some point that you no longer want us to contact you, just send us an email and tell us.

We do use computer cookies. These are small pieces of data that our server stores on your computer whenever you visit our site.  They are not malicious. They just make your browsing faster and easier. No one can use cookies by themselves to find out your personal identity.

We do use cookies to collect aggregated data (eg. number of visitors, how many minutes you browse our site). This help us to find out which of our pages are visited the most and how to improve your browsing experience. We can also use cookies to see which part of the world you are browsing from. But we do not in any way connect this aggregated data to your personal details.

On a rare occasion you may receive a cookie from a third party because they are linked to our site. For instance, if you click on a link or an advertisement that takes you to a page away from our site, these cookies will track your browsing patterns. This is common on the internet, and we can’t control collection of this data by third parties.

Please note that the Siesta Hotel web page is intended to offer information to adults. You have to be at least 16 years old to make a booking. In the event that the Siesta Hotel receives personal details from someone younger than 16, it will not provide this information to anyone.

The Siesta Hotel web page has links to a few other sites that provide useful information. These sites do not abide by our privacy policies. We cannot control these sites and are not responsible for their actions. If you are concerned about their privacy policies, we would suggest that you contact the developers of those sites and enquire about their data collection practices.

E-mail is not secure unless it is encrypted. Since we don’t have encryption, please note that our email correspondence with you is not secure. Sophisticated hackers, if they wanted to, could access our emails. While it is highly unlikely, we want you to keep this in mind when submitting a form  or requesting information.

Simply by coming to our site and browsing our web pages, you are indicating your consent to our privacy policy. This means that we can use and collect the personal and aggregate information that you submit to our site. It also means that you agree to the conditions that we have indicated in our privacy policy.

The Siesta Hotel reserves the right to modify its privacy policy as it deems fit. We will publish any and all changes on this page. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about our privacy policies.

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