This is paradise – welcome to the greenz!” (Mr Killa – “Spice Isle Rock”)

With these words and this song I introduce you to Siesta Hotel’s and Grenada’s offerings of festivals, celebrations and activities!

Grenada – land of music and happiness. Caribbean music is imbued in its culture and seeps out of every person that is truly Grenadian!  Music is never far from the conversation of local people and rings out from all the festivals. Many excuses for celebration are found in the Isle of Spice! Grenadians love festival and the biggest is carnival

Carnival in Grenada.

“When you see me jumpin’ up, I must find myself behind a truck!” – Mr Legz – “Carnival Calling” (a Soca song 2014)

This celebration of Grenadian culture is called Spicemas. It is held each year in early August. Grenada Carnival features music, dancing, costume, partying and eating!

Come in August and experience this wondrous time. If you like Caribbean music then you simply must come. Soca, Calypso and Steel Pan music blasts out from everywhere. From early morning to late night the island floods with lovely rhythms and tropical sounds of Caribbean music.

Carnival is not one thing but a whole series of interconnected celebrations of all things Grenadian. Processions weave around town with revellers following lorries stacked up with sound systems blasting out this year’s Soca. Some processions start close by the Siesta Hotel. Playing Mas involves following these lorries as one of a “Band” dressed in a themed costume.Traditions in the music and dance date back to African and early European culture. Everywhere Grenadian food and drink is on sale. Jouvert starts early Monday morning, then Monday Night Mas is in the evening. Tuesday afternoon “Pretty Mas” (the Last Lap) features the loveliest of costumes on parade. During the carnival period are music competitions to determine the best performance and songs of Soca, Calypso, and Steel Bands. These are held in the stunningly gorgeous town of St George’s. Walk up to a site above town and listen to the sound of Monday Night Mas taking place below you. The music rolls out around the harbour area and bounces back from the hills. The effect is unique and awe-inspiring!

Steel band music is a huge part of the cultural scene, and rises to a peak with the annual “Panorama” competition at the National Stadium. This is a must-see, not to be missed overflowing of cultural exuberance that is a joy to behold.

Click on the link below and watch this wonderful performance on “YouTube“. This was the winner of 2015’s Panorama competition held at the National Stadium. The culmination of all that is fabulous about carnival in Grenada is seen in the happiness on their faces. This exhilarating tune was performed by Republic Bank Angel Harps Steel Band.

Soca artists such a Tallpree, Lavaman, and Mr Killa have become internationally famous. Songs such as 2014’s big Lavaman hit “We Nah Change” are played at any celebration or party.

yur father is ah jab jab yur mudda is ah jab jab” – Tallpree – “Jab Jab Nation”

More Music!

Grenada is an island full up with talented and inspiring musicians.

Pure Grenada Music Festival.

Music features all year round in Grenada. In early April the Island features the Pure Grenada Music Festival. This highlights a broader range of Grenadian musical types than carnival. Jazz, Soul, R+B, Blues, classical and folk artists are on show as well as Soca, Calypso and Steel Band. For 2016 the show has artists from abroad such as Steel Pulse and Joss Stone from the UK. April would be a great time for you to take a Grenadian holiday to enjoy this musical feast.


Grenada Sailing Festival

Stay at Siesta Hotel if you fancy the exotic excitement and spectacle of this wonderful Festival. Held over four days every January are International yacht races held off the gorgeous south coast, and the two-day Grenada Sailing Festival Work Boat Regatta. Held on the Grand Anse Beach, this is just wonderful entertainment. Grenada has traditions of boat building and fishing going back centuries. The competitors are Grenadian villages with locally-built boats for the race. Mixed in with the racing of sloops and canoes is a heady mix of steel pan music, dancing and food! As ever on Grenada, music is never far away.

Some of the other fantastic events:-

  • Spice Island Billfish TournamentGrenada (Sport fishing festival in January)
  • Grenada Drum Festival – Featuring the amazing Tivoli Drummers! ((August)
  • Grenada Chocolate Festival
  • 7th Feb – Independence Day Celebrations – a public holiday in Grenada with a parade in St George’s and beach parties around the island!
  • Don’t forget the best – December 25 – Christmas in Grenada! Try the wonderful Grenada Black Cake – only for Christmas! Also hear Christmas steel pan music and watch the Christmas Eve stars over Grand Anse.

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