Grand Etang Rainforest Environment

Grand Etang Crater Lake Grenada, the rainforest environment.
Grand Etang Crater Lake Tropical Rain Forest Grenada

Grenada’s rainforest environment: Heliconia plants glow bright red amongst deep greenery, with bamboo and mahogany trees everywhere. Stop and listen – you can hear the murmuring of the rainforest and its tropical wildlife. Everywhere is lush green. This is the Grand Etang. If you like hiking in the rainforest, bird watching, wildlife, or photographing nature, then the Grand Etang Forest Reserve is for you. Ecotourism is big here.

Leaving the Siesta Hotel you can be at the summit in less than 1 hour. Here, 1,740 feet above sea level, is the glorious Grand Etang Lake. This is an extinct volcano’s crater, naturally filled with water. Look across the lake and hear the constant song of tropical wildlife. Trails lead around the lake and then head off down into the rainforest covered interior. You pass tropical flowers, ferns and orchids. You may see an armadillo or the Lesser Antillean Tanager. Nearby, the Grand Étang Forest Centre has a forest ranger, to advise on trails, hiking and trekking tours. If you’re interested in insect or plant life then Grenada is the place to visit!

Grand Anse

Grenada's Grand Anse Beach Environment + The Caribbean Sea - Siesta Hotel Grenada.
Grand Anse Beach, approximately 400 yards away from Siesta Hotel Grenada

Grenada’s beachside environment: Step out of the Siesta and there in front of you is a freshwater stream with herons stalking for fish or insects. The Little Blue Heron, Green Heron, Yellow-crowned Night Heron hunt along the stream. Bird watching around Grand Anse is amazing. The area is a wonderland of tropical nature.  Antillean Crested Hummingbirds flit from flower to flower. Grenada Flycatchers and Gray Kingbirds perch in the trees.

Wander along the Grand Anse Beach and watch the graceful flight of a Brown Booby searching for food. It sees a fish and then plunges like a dart into the water. The flora and fauna are impressive here! The beach has sea grape, sea almond and coconut palms. The crystal clear waters contain starfish, sea anemones and countless tropical fish. Here is a perfect place for snorkeling.


Grenada’s waterfalls environment: You walk towards a liquid roar. Surrounding you is a deep green glow from tropical vegetation. High pitched piping sounds of birds in the foliage envelop you. You have arrived at one of Grenada’s many majestic waterfalls. The water tumbles down from precipitous heights to land splashing into a lovely clear pool. A refreshing swim is calling you!  Some waterfalls are very easy to reach. Do you prefer hiking or trekking? Then Grenada waterfalls should definitely be on your wish list!

Concord Falls

Grenada's Waterfalls Environment - Concord Falls: Two waterfalls tumble into a gorgeous lake.
Concord Waterfalls – St. George’s, Grenada

The Black Bay River has its source high up in the misty Grand Etang, amidst rainforest and mountain. As it tumbles to its mouth in the Caribbean Sea it passes three magnificent waterfalls. The lowest is reached by a road from the town of Concord. Driving from Siesta Hotel you can be there in under an hour. By the visitor’s centre there are steps down to the pool under the falls. Is photography an interest? The views of the falls and the river cascading downstream are stunning. The next waterfall, called Au Coin, involves a hike of about half an hour through nutmeg, cocoa and callaloo, and beside the river bed. It is not too challenging and should be managed by most people! The third of the Concord falls is called Fontainbleu. Reaching it will take a hike of about 1 hour, but is worth the effort! These amazing falls plunge 65 feet and then crash into a lovely pool – a refreshing swim beckons! Here is true beauty and these falls are symbolic of all that is magical about wild Grenada. The atmosphere, the sights, the sounds and the colours are almost overwhelming in their intensity.

Annandale Waterfalls

This is the easiest waterfall to reach, at 8 miles from Siesta Hotel on the Grand Etang Road. Take a gentle stroll, down a well-maintained path, past beautiful tropical flowers and trees to reach the falls. They tumble into a pretty pool surrounded by lovely ferns and hanging green vegetation.

Seven sisters Falls

Grenada's Waterfalls Environment: The Seven Sisters Waterfalls - a series of cascading waterfalls tumble into placid ponds.
Seven Sisters Waterfalls – St. Andrews, Grenada

Try this hike of about 30 minutes to enchanting falls downhill from the Grand Etang centre. Follow a well-marked trail, with some clambering over rocks and river bed! You pass through rain forest as well as nutmeg, banana and cocoa trees.

Royal Mount Carmel Falls

About 40 minutes driving from the Siesta Hotel will find you the village of Marquis in the East of Grenada. Nearby a mild 30 minute hike will lead you to these very lovely falls. You pass through fruit trees and spices being grown. With a plunge of 70 feet, the two waterfalls have lovely pools beneath!

Tufton Hall Waterfall

If you really like an adventure holiday, then the hike to this fabulous waterfall, near Victoria in the North-West of Grenada, is essential. It takes three hours to hike there across very rugged terrain, climbing rocks and along the river! You pass lovely pools, rapids and waterfalls. Finally you reach the towering 82 foot plummet of these epic falls.

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