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Envision a Caribbean reef with calm, warm water beckoning you to swim. Put on your face mask, flippers and snorkel and enter another world! Light rays shine through the water, as a shimmering shoal of fish dart this way and that. Swimming through a meadow of sea grass you may see the slow languid movement of a Flying Gurnard cruising by. Over there is a flash of silver with the deepest of blues. The hues and reflections of this aquatic life are simply magnificent. There is a mesmerising display of colour and movement, as you slowly drift past.

To see these wonders, you can swim out to one of the reefs off the Grand Anse Beach. It is better, however, to take a snorkelling trip in a boat out to one of the many fabulous sites around the Grand Anse area. Reefs of sand, rock, or coral form ridges of shallow water excellent for observing fish. See lovely sponges, corals and other sea-life. At Siesta Hotel we can arrange this for you.

Snorkeling at Siesta Hotel

Our main snorkeling site is Molinere Bay, along the leeward west coast of Grenada. This site is the world’s first Underwater Sculpture Park with neighboring reefs such as Flamingo Bay, Happy Valley, Dragon Bay and Grand Mal.

We make it our job to get you comfortable in the water in order to appreciate the beautiful marine life underneath. Snorkeling is for all ages, including children. We provide the flotation vest, mask, snorkel, fins and flotation aids. Contact lenses can be worn underneath snorkeling masks however reading glasses or sunglasses cannot. Personal snorkeling equipment is welcome and we would be happy to help with suggestions for proper adjustment and use.

Snorkeling  prices include Marine Park day passes, all taxes and gear

  • 1 site US$40
  • 2 sites US$50

The crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean are magical. The coastline of Grenada is dotted with the most fabulous beaches and wonderful coral reefs. There is no better place for a swim than the gorgeous 2.5 mile long stretch of white sand called the Grand Anse Beach. The water here is placid and shallow, and it is an excellent safe site for swimming. It is also a simply wonderful world of marine life.

A placid Caribbean sea laps at the western side of Grenada. On the leeward side, the water is generally calm clear and warm. Grenada is a volcanic island. Heavy rains cause water to spill down the many rivers and wash salts from the volcanic soil. This forms food for starfish and sea urchins, which are themselves food for fish.

Stoplight Parrotfish, Queen Triggerfish, Spiny Puffer, Ocean Surgeon, and Creole Wrasse, all have names evocative of large aquaria back home. In the waters of Grenada you can see them in their natural environment. Observe the very common Sergeant Major, with its distinctive vertical black and yellow stripes. Or the amazing Foureye Butterflyfish with its prominent dark spot to the rear. A flash of silver with yellow lines is a school of Tomtate. See the very spotty (and tasty!) Rock Hind or the colour-changing Trumpetfish. Watch the attractive Goldspotted Snake Eel, often confused as a sea snake. It is harmless as it slithers across sea-grass meadows in search of small crabs for dinner!

Often man-made structures contain the best life: Piles of stone, jetties, or drains – even a beer bottle with an octopus inside!

Diving at Siesta Hotel

Scuba Diving

If you want to take the next step after snorkelling, come with us for a SCUBA diving adventure. Going deeper in the water, you can really investigate this wonderful marine richness. The Grand Anse area is blessed with a variety of wonderful habitats and sites. Visit living coral reefs, sandy bottoms, volcanic rocks, and shingle beaches. Shipwrecks offer exciting and gorgeous habitats for tropical marine life. Grenada has many wrecks, both old and new, dotted around its coastline. These wrecks give the most wonderful dive experience imaginable. For natural features try wall diving and swimming around pinnacles in search of marine inhabitants.

We offer a variety of diving options ranging from beginner courses to Open Water Diver Certification. Our dive sites include a series of shipwrecks and numerous gorgeous reef dives.

  • 1-tank dive US$75 (~2 hours, morning or afternoon)
  • 2-tank dive US$135 (half day, morning)
  • 5-Dive Package US$315
  • 10-Dive Package US$595
  • PADI Discover Scuba Diving US$110. Our comprehensive beginner course gets divers in the water and on a dive the first day! This is a half-day course.

*Scuba equipment rental is included in all of the above rates

If you want to see Star Coral, Brain Coral, or Staghorn coral at home, you need to come diving at Siesta Hotel! Contact reception to book!

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