Bicycle Rentals


Bicycle Rentals

We offer bicycle rentals, including men’s and women’s cruisers as well as mountain bikes. Our rates are as follows:

  • US$20/day
  • US$100/week

Bicycle Tours

The warm fragrant air flows past you as you pedal along. Glide down a gentle incline and there is the stunning sight of the Caribbean Sea. Cruise through picturesque scenery, with the smell of spice on the breeze. Siesta Hotel offers several guided cycling tours:

  • Tour Southern Grenada (2.5 Hours) – US$49/person
  • Tour Annandale Waterfalls (3.5 Hours) – US$59/person

See spectacular views of mountainside and sea, rivers and waterfalls. You will cycle past old plantation houses and through pretty villages. All around Grenada are the sites of former sugar mills with fields of sugar cane between. Pass through nutmeg groves and processing stations – still functioning much as they have done for decades. Stop off to tour a rum distillery (and possibly sample the produce!). Watch how cocoa is grown, or cinnamon. On a bicycle you really do absorb the landscape, rather than just pass through it. You will learn how common foodstuffs are produced and see the methods. You may want bicycle tours around Grenada on mountain bikes, or simply to pedal sedately around the Grand Anse area.

Stunning scenery abounds in Grenada. The best of ways to experience it is on a bicycle. Anxiety, stress and depression are all alleviated due to the exercise itself and the sheer pleasure of riding a bike. Getting these benefits in a staggeringly gorgeous place like Grenada will make your holiday a dream! Biking in Grenada is a joy.

Spend a couple of days cycling along leafy lanes and around lakes. Take in mountain views, gorgeous rivers with bridges, rapids and stunning waterfalls. Examine Grenada at your speed, stopping wherever you choose. Having a bicycle around Grand Anse means you can really get to know the area. Go down that leafy road or track and find that gorgeous beach. Explore St George’s, cover more distance than on foot, but stop where you please without having to worry about parking!

Whatever cycling challenge you need, there is a ride to meet your needs. Start with the gently rolling and flat terrain around Grand Anse. Discover the real Grenada at a pace to suit you. On a bicycle you can stop and talk to the locals or ask directions. This is wonderful in Grenada where the people are friendly and helpful. Cycle through groves of nutmeg or cocoa, or through a mountainous road in the rain forest. Glide gently downhill through overarching bamboos and past fabulous views over the island. Snake along a coastline hugging road and absorb the amazing views of the lovely Caribbean with hillsides festooned with tropical vegetation. If you want more exercise, try the mountains with high climbs. You will have scenery opening up behind you with each revolution of your pedals, followed by a gorgeous restful descent!

Pedal through early morning Grenada, whilst the air is still cool and the light slants down from the Eastern sky. Stop off for a breakfast of salt-fish and bakes and cocoa tea (a Grenadian delight). Nothing beats seeing Grenada on a bicycle. All around Grenada are the relics and evidence of its turbulent history. It really enhances your mountain biking adventures to be able to visit the many historical sites of this fabulous island.

 You will need a map to rely on. The best map is:  “Grenada, Island of Spice”. Scale 1:50,000

British produced by the Ordnance Survey

Published by the Government of the United Kingdom for the Government of Grenada

1992, reprinted 1994

The latest revision is 1992, where additional information was added. It has not been updated since then but it is still the most comprehensive overview (and correct!). This is the map to use, just be aware a few roads have been added and updated since 1992!

Buy this at many shops including the bookshop “Art and Soul” at the Spiceland Mall.

 Advantages of cycling in Grenada:-

  • Varied rides
  • Impressive roads
  • Attractive buildings
  • Wonderful views.
  • Fascinating places to explore
  • Gorgeous scenery
  • Wide skies.
  • Welcoming, pretty villages and hamlets

Witness an absolute dream of racing rivers beneath the folds of hills covered in glorious tropical vegetation. Enjoy beautiful views, interspersed with pretty villages and hamlets. Take in breath-taking scenery and enjoy the hospitality of the Grenadian people in the many small towns.

Non-challenging, gentle rides around the Siesta Hotel include:-

  • Pack your swimming things and cycle to the Vendors’ Market for a drink, a snack, or a day on the Grand Anse Beach
  • Cycle up Morne Rouge Road and over the hill to the absolutely gorgeous Morne Rouge Beach.
  • Cycle to GrillMaster or Fish and Chicks for a roti to take back to eat in your room.
  • Cycle into St George’s and explore the lovely streets and views of the prettiest town in the Caribbean.

A cycling vacation in Grenada features history, nature and dazzling views. It really is better by bike!

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