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Airplane landing - flights to Grenada.

The start of a holiday is always magical. This time it’s different, because you’re off to the wonderful Island of Grenada. This fabulous gem of a country set in the Southern Caribbean Sea offers the most idyllic of holidays. Point Salines International Airport is only a short 10 minutes drive from the Siesta Hotel. Grenada is well served by efficient direct International flights from the UK, US, Canada, and Trinidad. Grenada is visited by people from all over Europe, Japan, and all other Caribbean Islands, via a network of smaller flights from Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados or Jamaica. Plan your dream holiday with a stay at the Siesta Hotel after air travel to Grenada.

Flying to Grenada is an easy and enjoyable experience. It is the most southerly of the Windward Islands, and is 90 miles north of Trinidad. It is in the southern part of the graceful curve of the lovely Islands of the Caribbean. Travellers from the US and Canada will fly over the islands in that curve on the way. Travellers from the UK or Europe will cross the Atlantic Ocean and then join the lovely curve at Antigua, St Lucia, or via Barbados.

Visitors from the US will be able to fly by international airlines with direct flights. Those from New York are really pleasant and take under 5 hours to get to Grenada. As well as regular direct flights there are more frequent air services that will involve a transfer. Flights from Miami International Airport will take you a speedy 3 hours and 15 minutes non-stop! Flights from Atlanta International Airport will take 4 hours and 40 minutes. Try the following airlines:-

Delta Air has direct, non-stop flights from New York, and from Atlanta.

JetBlue Airways have direct, non-stop flights from New York.

Caribbean Airlines have flights from New York, Miami and Orlando.

American Airlines has daily flights from Miami International Airport and from Puerto Rico to Grenada.

It is a superb experience to fly out of the UK at the outset of your Southern Caribbean adventure. The flights are frequent and comfortable. Virgin Atlantic and British Airways have 2 flights a week each from Gatwick to Grenada. You may have a short stop at Barbados, St Lucia or Antigua. This does not mean you have to leave the plane, but some people will get off and others on. It is a real treat, to leave a grey-skied England in the morning, and land in Grenada in the afternoon. You enter a different world! You can have breakfast in England. Then you arrive in Grenada in time for a first swim and the inconceivably gorgeous sight of sunset on the Grand Anse Beach. Top this with an evening meal at a Grenadian restaurant and your holiday has started in spectacular fashion! The excitement starts as you take off from Gatwick, but builds when you look out of the window and catch your first sight of the Caribbean glistening below you. The journey takes about 10 hours but with the anticipation building this seems to fly by!

Travellers from Canada can fly from Toronto Pearson International Airport. The flight time to Grenada is under five and a half hours. Air Canada and Caribbean Airlines both have flights from Toronto to Grenada. There are many easy connections from Toronto to other Canadian Cities.

Travellers from Germany can fly with Condor from Frankfurt International Airport. The non-stop flight from Frankfurt to Grenada takes about nine and a half hours.

Travellers from Trinidad and Tobago have a delightful flight over the 90 miles of gorgeous Caribbean Sea. You see stunning views from the plane both on take-off and landing! LIAT operates regular flights from Port of Spain Airport in Trinidad. Caribbean Airlines also flies from Port of Spain to Grenada. Travellers from Tobago can fly with Caribbean Airlines from Arthur Robinson International Airport.

You will need a return or onward air ticket and a valid passport to enter Grenada. You will not need a visa if you are visiting Grenada and are a citizen of the British Commonwealth, the UK, the US, Canada, the majority of Caribbean countries, European Union, Japan or South Korea.

It is amazing flying into Grenada for the first time. The plane banks – there below is your first glimpse of this gem of tropical islands. A glimmer of azure sea with white sand beach, and then the plane descends towards Point Salines International Airport. You are treated to the simply stunning view of the southern part of Grenada’s coastline with its inlets and islands.  Leaving the plane, you enter the terminal and there is frequently a steel band to greet you. As you enter the line for passport control, you have arrived in Grenada. They do things differently here! Siesta Hotel is quite simply an amazing vacation destination!

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