the House of Chocolate sells chocolate sweets.

Grenada’s House of Chocolate: Here is a magical place to satisfy anybody’s craving for the dark, smooth delights of chocolate. Check out the Museum filled with displays and exhibits on the production of cocoa and it’s use. Take the bus to St George’s and get off on the Carenage, at the Nutmeg Restaurant bus stop. Walk around the corner and up Young Street and you are there.

There is a pretty little cafe (the Chocolateria!) and shop where you can buy and try all manner of chocolate treats. A traditional breakfast in Grenada is incomplete without a cup of their fabulous cocoa tea. This is normally served with evaporated milk, and laden with the wonderful flavour of fresh Grenadian cinnamon. In the cafe you can try out this lovely drink as well as the fabulous dark, hot chocolate shot – a little cup filled with this rich, smooth drink. Other delights to try are the local chocolate cheesecake, cakes, brownies, and especially their home-made ice-cream. I simply adored their multi-coloured chocolate sweets, filled with ginger, nutmeg and other flavours that define the wonders of the Isle of Spice. To me this is all a taste-dream that I did not wish to leave alone!

To complement all this chocolate-eating the Museum is a really fun way to learn about Cocoa growing, it’s history, and use in Grenada. Displays explain the growing of the Cacao beans, and the ecosystem in the plantations. Pictures and explanations, of the cacao flowers and harvesting, are added to an opportunity to have a try at grinding your own cocoa!

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There has been an explosion in the production of Grenada’s bars of chocolate. These are now shipped all over the world and are available in a whole range of quality suppliers. You should try these chocolate lovely bars – they really do define the art! Large quantities of this dark, tangy treat are now manufactured by the Grenada Cocoa Farmer’s Association and Grenada Chocolate Company. These are on sale  with a variety of forms – from 60% to 100% cocoa, and with the addition of sea salt, Grenadian nutmeg, or locally grown crystallised ginger. Other bars include the crunchy and fibrous cocoa nibs. I loved putting them in the freezer in our room at the Siesta Hotel. Then, as an evening treat we would get a bar out – all snappy and crunchy – as an end-of-day thrill. It is just the most tremendous of flavours!

For a great day out why not visit the House of Chocolate, and then look around the wonderful Grenada National Museum. We did just this, and then went for a meal at the Nutmeg Restaurant on the Carenage. Finally we took a water taxi back to the Grand Anse Beach, for an evening swim. I would say: “That was a perfect day”!

Cocoa and chocolate are delicious ingredients of this cheesecake.
Grenadian chocolate in a cheesecake.

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St George's Market Day vegetables for Grenada's agricultural produce.

Market Day in Grenada has arrived. Saturday Morning in St George’s is a special time and a special place. It’s not far from the Siesta Hotel either! Click on the arrow below to watch our video about it all:-

Here is a simply wonderful opportunity to witness the fabulous range of Grenadian produce! Come along and you will be overawed at the range and extent of all these delights: The fruits of nature! Marvel at the profundity of tropical fruits and vegetables. They cascade from stalls in every direction, and fill boxes and the ground around the stalls! Huge breadfruits, mangoes, christophene and spices vie with each other for your attention. Gloriously happy market traders shout, call and jostle to catch your eye – and the money in your purse! Loud Reggae and Soca music pounds out from all around. The atmosphere is electric!

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If you run a kitchen or restaurant, here is your dream-supply of exquisite ingredients, to create the culinary magic of Grenadian food! The colours are intense, the sights and sounds of market-day are unmissable. Every type of fresh spice is on sale. Bottles of wonderful Grenadian hot pepper sauce should not be missed! A vast array of incredible tropical fruit and vegetables is piled onto rickety, groaning stalls, and filled in extra boxes spilling out onto the roads.

Grenada’s agricultural world really does produce the best fruits, vegetables and spices you will find anywhere – and here is your chance to see the full range. It’s a tour through the diverse and magical world of tropical produce. That tour is accompanied by the cheery, friendly behaviour of the traders. When we first came to Grenada in 1991 the market was mostly confined to Market Square. This is a richly historical site. In former days it was a place for public executions, and also for the buying and selling of slaves. Now you can revel in the diplays of soursops, callaloo and coconuts. Then there are the huge tuberous vegetable roots: Tannia, dasheen, yams and sweet potatoes.

The bus station used to be here too. A few years ago a new bus station was built in Melville Street. A lot of traders thus relocated their stalls to the road between the bus station and River Road. Then people started selling for street-sides all over town! Now, to see all the stalls, a walk through all of St George’s is necessary.

Breakfast in St George's Market of Smoked Herrings and Bakes.
Delicious Smoked Herring Bakes.
Try breakfast at Sharon's stall in Market Square St George's, Grenada.
Sharon’s for Breakfast in Market Square!

If you come early in the morning you can have breakfast in the square. I love to eat the smoked herring and bakes on sale at Sharons, in the heart of the square. Sit down on the excellent tables and watch the early morning world of Market Day. This is a feast of sight, sound and taste!




Here are just some of the delights for sale at St George’s Market Day every Saturday:-
French cashews
Golden Apple
Sugar apples,
Rock Figs
Water Lemons
Passion Fruit

Dasheen Tubers and Leaves (callaloo)
Hot peppers, seasoning peppers,and sweet peppers

Bamboo Brooms
Don’t go home without trying this!

St George's Market Day offers delicious tropical fruit and vegetables! Grenada's agricultural produce to see and buy!
Just look at those pineapples!

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Saltfish and bakes - delicious Grenadian breakfast and street food from Grill Master in Wall Street, Grand Anse.

Where can you find great food in Grand Anse? You want low cost, lovely cuisine? You want street food and cheap eats, but you don’t want to go far!
Grenada has the best spices in the world. It also has fertile volcanic soil, and the tastiest tropical vegetables. Street food in Grenada is absolutely gorgeous. You’ll find it all around the island. Grenadian food is going to be a highlight of your holiday. Where can you get it, at a reasonable price, near the Siesta Hotel? Step out of the hotel, turn right and walk with me a short way. We’ll visit some places around Grand Anse. Watch this video below to find out!

The Siesta Hotel is a short walk from the beach, and a stone’s throw from some really neat little places to “eat cheap”. As It’s the Caribbean we are talking about roast corn, callaloo soup, oil down and curried goat. Here’s your chance to really try Grenadian cuisine. Just look below at these photographs:-

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Grill Master: Wall Street’s eclectic Grenadian restaurant

I love a relaxing and calm Sunday Lunch. Last August we spent a happy couple of hours at the excellent Grill Master Restaurant in Wall Street, Grand Anse. We tried the wonderful turkey and corn soup, and it was a real treat! Grill Master is right by the Grand Anse roundabout. It is a superb place to try out a wide range of Grenada’s culinary wonders! Sit back and watch the Grand Anse world drift by. They have a take-away counter, and a restaurant with waiter service. It is open for breakfast, lunch and evening dinner.
Eating at Grill Master is an excellent way to try out a large range of Grenada’s fabulous food. They also serve an wide array of more international dishes. Thus you can order great pizzas and wraps. An early morning treat is their wonderful breakfast choice – take out or eat-in. Here are a few examples:-

  • local saltfish with bakes (shown in the top photograph).
  • they have delicious breakfast sandwiches – with egg,  bacon, ham and cheese
  • Try a Grenadian breakfast with smoked herring, salted fish, bakes, salad, sausage and fried eggs.

Don’t forget to add some Grenadian hot pepper sauce to spice it up! At 10am they serve their delicious rotis. I would choose boneless chicken roti or fish roti. From about 11am they serve a traditional Grenadian lunch menu. Here are some of my favourites:-

– ginger and pumpkin soup.
– gorgeous stewed of baked chicken.
– grilled swordfish or curried mutton with stewed callaloo.

In the evening they have a fabulous dinner menu. You could get jerk chicken, barbecued pork ribs or lobster tail. Lobster can also be eaten as a wrap, in a sub or salad. Dining at Grill Master is a fabulous way to try out a variety of Grenadian dishes at a really modest cost. To me they have a truly tremendous choice of Caribbean delights. I simply love to eat my way through their various offerings!

The Street-Food of Wall Street!

In Grenada street food is a spice-infused delight. This is a focal point of Grenadian life, in little villages and bigger towns, all over the island. However, the stalls really come alive on Friday and Saturday nights. A party atmosphere prevails as crowds gather round food stalls. There is much chatting, eating, and listening to great Soca.  The Wall Street area of Grand Anse is where the action happens locally to the Siesta Hotel. In Grand Anse there is food available all week too! The area just North of the Morne Rouge Road is home to sellers of roast corn, sugar cane, rotis and soups. At various times you’ll find mannish waters (goat soup), callaloo soup, or curried goat. Try roast corn for a lovely snack. Watch as the vendor roasts it on his little iron coal pot. Sample that fabulous flavour of Grenadian corn. Other delights are:-

  • lambi waters (conch soup) and lambi souse.
  • Grenadian shepherd’s pie.
  • The local black pudding
  • Wonderful barbecued chicken.

To sample this is to indulge in a pivotal part of Grenadian life. The food is wonderful, it’s cheap, and it’s a lot of fun. Return here over the next few weeks and we’ll visit other superb places. Some are near the magical Grand Anse Beach. Others are near the Grand Anse Road. I feel hungry already!

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Hiking in Grenada at the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, set in the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve.

Grenada’s Waterfalls will charm, encaptivate and amaze you. It’s your holiday and you need a rest, and a break from your everyday life. What would you do here in Grand Anse, Grenada? You’ll spend time on the beach, of course, and in the pretty capital of St George’s. For many people, however, one of the biggest attractions of Grenada are it’s fabulous waterfalls. Visit the Seven Sisters Waterfalls and you will see this beauty – look at this video of them:-

Grenada is a land of glorious waterfalls. It is no surprise, with the rainforest at it’s very centre, that rivers run in every direction. The middle of the island is extremely mountainous. Thus the rivers fall precipitously towards the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Caribbean Sea on the other side. Take a hike by any of Grenada’s rivers and you will experience this heady mix of beauty, majesty and excitement.

If you drive up from the Siesta Hotel it will take you 45 minutes to reach the trail to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls. It’s a great drive as well. You pass through St George’s and then onto the excellent Grand Etang Road. I adore this road! It twists and winds past fascinating Grenadian villages. People, dogs and goats amble across the road in front of you. You steer past precipitous inclines with vast and stunning views of the country below. Finally you snake through the wonderful rainforest of the Grand Etang National Park and Forest Reserve. What could be a better or more fabulous drive?

The Seven Sisters Trail

The trail itself is a lovely hike through the agricultural heartland of Grenada. You pass “market garden” type fields at the top, full of callaloo, mint, corn and nutmeg. On the way you pass cows and sheep, before you plunge into the fragrant warmth of the rainforest. Hike down past wonderful fungus and wildflowers, you then come to the rushing river. On the way I found an amazing fungus – a Tropical Stinkhorn (Phallus indusiatus), also known as bamboo fungus. The air rings to the sounds of cicadas, humming birds and tree-frogs. You ford a fast-flowing stream, and take a short walk up a hill. Then there you are – the first two of the seven sisters!

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The Waterfalls

The majestic roar of the waters dominates the atmosphere. It is, of course, an absolutely beautiful sight. It plunges down in the middle of the intense green of the rainforest. There are further wonderful waterfalls, but you will have to wait for our next visit to explore them. You should not go home without a hike to the first falls, however. In the early-morning rainforest air I sat entranced at this gorgeous sight! I simply did not want to leave.

Eventually, however, I turned away and headed back up the trail for a cooling drink at the little bar where you purchase your tickets to the falls. On my way up I happened across this wonderful sight: An early-morning millipede (Grenadians call these congarees) was out for his last stab at night-time foraging! He pointed the way to the refreshments at the end of my hike. What a tremendous world of natural wonder we inhabit!

I went to the falls on my own. If you would prefer, however, you can arrange for a guide to accompany you. You can secure this at the bar + ticket counter at the head of the trail. This is the little bar-building at the end of my millipede video. So you need to watch to the end to identify it!

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Fresh Grenada spices in Curried Lentils with Yogurt and Eggs at Le Papillion. Fresh Grenada eggs make this French Creole treat!

Le Papillion: The photograph at the top features one of my current favourite dishes: Curried Lentils with Yoghurt and Eggs. This is a taste-treat to start any day! The spices in the lentils are, of course, the very best from the “Isle Of Spice”. Eggs in Grenada are always more flavourful than those we have at home! Sit in this lovely poolside terrace and you can sample some delightful French Creole Cuisine. The wooded hillside setting, in the Siesta Hotel grounds, looks out over the pretty Morne Rouge Road, St George’s. Beyond lies the mountains and rainforest of Grenada. This cafe is ideal for a tasty breakfast or lunch.

The French-influenced menu features the freshest of Grenadian ingredients. Grenada’s French agricultural history is reflected in the choices on the menu. The local fruit juices at Le Papillion are a delight. Here is a Mango Fruit Juice, which is thick, creamy, cooling and delicious! We loved Poached Eggs with Provision Hash (made with a variety of Grenadian root vegetables, peppers and Thyme – lots of fresh Grenadian thyme!). Another favourite is Le Papillion Croque Madam. This is a lovely sandwich filled with ham and lashings of cooked callaloo (a green leaf similar to spinach). This is all topped with melted cheese and finished off with a fried egg:-

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Baguettes, sandwiches, crepes (various!) and quiche vie with omlettes, milkshakes and deserts for your attention. Add to this a fully-stocked bar to sample some Grenadian Rum Punch and a lunchtime could extend into the afternoon.
Opening times at Le Papillion are Wednesday – Sunday 7am – 2pm.
Give them a phone call on +1 473-415-2670, or check out their Facebook page, go to:
Le Papillion is run by Kathy Ann Herrera and her staff, who will be pleased to welcome you to the Cafe.
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