Market Day In St George’s – Check Out The Very Best in Tropical Produce!

St George's Market Day vegetables for Grenada's agricultural produce.

Market Day In St George’s – Check Out The Very Best in Tropical Produce!

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Market Day in Grenada has arrived. Saturday Morning in St George’s is a special time and a special place. It’s not far from the Siesta Hotel either! Click on the arrow below to watch our video about it all:-

Here is a simply wonderful opportunity to witness the fabulous range of Grenadian produce! Come along and you will be overawed at the range and extent of all these delights: The fruits of nature! Marvel at the profundity of tropical fruits and vegetables. They cascade from stalls in every direction, and fill boxes and the ground around the stalls! Huge breadfruits, mangoes, christophene and spices vie with each other for your attention. Gloriously happy market traders shout, call and jostle to catch your eye – and the money in your purse! Loud Reggae and Soca music pounds out from all around. The atmosphere is electric!

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If you run a kitchen or restaurant, here is your dream-supply of exquisite ingredients, to create the culinary magic of Grenadian food! The colours are intense, the sights and sounds of market-day are unmissable. Every type of fresh spice is on sale. Bottles of wonderful Grenadian hot pepper sauce should not be missed! A vast array of incredible tropical fruit and vegetables is piled onto rickety, groaning stalls, and filled in extra boxes spilling out onto the roads.

Grenada’s agricultural world really does produce the best fruits, vegetables and spices you will find anywhere – and here is your chance to see the full range. It’s a tour through the diverse and magical world of tropical produce. That tour is accompanied by the cheery, friendly behaviour of the traders. When we first came to Grenada in 1991 the market was mostly confined to Market Square. This is a richly historical site. In former days it was a place for public executions, and also for the buying and selling of slaves. Now you can revel in the diplays of soursops, callaloo and coconuts. Then there are the huge tuberous vegetable roots: Tannia, dasheen, yams and sweet potatoes.

The bus station used to be here too. A few years ago a new bus station was built in Melville Street. A lot of traders thus relocated their stalls to the road between the bus station and River Road. Then people started selling for street-sides all over town! Now, to see all the stalls, a walk through all of St George’s is necessary.

Breakfast in St George's Market of Smoked Herrings and Bakes.
Delicious Smoked Herring Bakes.
Try breakfast at Sharon's stall in Market Square St George's, Grenada.
Sharon’s for Breakfast in Market Square!

If you come early in the morning you can have breakfast in the square. I love to eat the smoked herring and bakes on sale at Sharons, in the heart of the square. Sit down on the excellent tables and watch the early morning world of Market Day. This is a feast of sight, sound and taste!




Here are just some of the delights for sale at St George’s Market Day every Saturday:-
French cashews
Golden Apple
Sugar apples,
Rock Figs
Water Lemons
Passion Fruit

Dasheen Tubers and Leaves (callaloo)
Hot peppers, seasoning peppers,and sweet peppers

Bamboo Brooms
Don’t go home without trying this!

St George's Market Day offers delicious tropical fruit and vegetables! Grenada's agricultural produce to see and buy!
Just look at those pineapples!

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