The Magic of the Sunset on the Grand Anse Beach

The colours and light of sunset on the Grand Anse Beach is simply gorgeous. Photography in Grenada is the best you'll find!

The Magic of the Sunset on the Grand Anse Beach

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There is something mystical about the sunset. The beach can be near-deserted then, as that golden ball sinks towards the tropical sea, people appear, singly or in groups. Some gaze in awe. Some catch the moment on camera, others watch during a dip in the sea. The sunset draws them, as it’ll draw you, to it’s magic. You’ll see groups of happy smiling people sharing the moment, and others just stare and meditate. Will it be this evening that you’ll see the enigmatic “Green Flash”. For years I thought this was a myth, and that people were deluding themselves. Or maybe my eyesight was suspect? Then, last Summer I was rewarded with my first sighting – what a delight!

Small groups of people watching the subset on the Grand Anse Beach.
Little groups watch the Grand Anse Sunset.

What would you do on your Grenadian holiday? A quick look through the pictures people post on Facebook of their holiday shows a remarkable consistency of behaviours! Look at that lot sunbathing on the beach with drinks in their hands! Look at this lot dancing and partying with locals! You’ll see pictures of visitors eating Grenadian food, or sharing drinks with their friends, all with the biggest smiles you’ll ever see. But there is one subject that never fails to stop people in their tracks – sunset on the Grand Anse Beach. When I’m back home in England, and thinking about my holiday at the Siesta Hotel, The Grand Anse sunset stays in my heart.



A holiday in the sun can pass like a dream. In Grenada, on the Grand Anse Beach, it is genuinely a dream. What would you do if you were there right now? Hiking in the Grand Etang? Possibly; then again you might try SCUBA diving off the many gorgeous reefs? There is so much wonder to see in Grenada that you will never be at a loss for excitement. The truth is, although those are fabulous activities, sometimes we mere mortal, over-worked busy people just want to chill out. You need to sink into a sublime holiday dream-state. The world drifts pass you as you smell the tropical breeze and float in the gorgeous Caribbean Sea. Photographing the sunset is something everybody loves to do. If you are interested in photography in Grenada the Grand Anse Sunsets are the pinnacle of loveliness.

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What of the local Grenadians who live and work around Grand Anse – do they like the sunset? Of course they do. It’s universal. Everybody loves watching that time when the earth changes from day to evening. On the Grand Anse Beach, however, we enter a new world of wonder. It’s like entering wonderland. the light, the atmosphere, and the feeling is electric.

If you’ve spent your winter in the Northern Hemisphere you might think “local people are used to it, they get on with things oblivious to it all”. This is definitely not the case! Grenadians will run up to you and ask “did you catch that sunset? That was lovely!”. One of our local friends will cruise past singing, I mean how could he not? With a Cathedral of glory in the sky all around the Caribbean Sea and the view of the Capital, St George’s, which gets etched into the skyline with a pink glow. Here it is, magical Grenada surrounded and suffused with a halo of the sunset aura.

“Ever gazed upon the green flash, Master Gibbs?”. ” I reckon I seen my fair share. Happens on rare occasion. The last glimpse of sunset,a green flash shoots up into the sky. Some go their whole lives without ever seeing it. Some claim to have seen it who ain’t. And some say… It signals when a soul comes back to this world from the dead”.

(Master Gibbs, from the film “Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World’s End” – Walt Disney Pictures, 2007).