The House of Chocolate: Enjoy Grenada’s Tasty Chocolate and Cocoa!

the House of Chocolate sells chocolate sweets.

The House of Chocolate: Enjoy Grenada’s Tasty Chocolate and Cocoa!

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Grenada’s House of Chocolate: Here is a magical place to satisfy anybody’s craving for the dark, smooth delights of chocolate. Check out the Museum filled with displays and exhibits on the production of cocoa and it’s use. Take the bus to St George’s and get off on the Carenage, at the Nutmeg Restaurant bus stop. Walk around the corner and up Young Street and you are there.

There is a pretty little cafe (the Chocolateria!) and shop where you can buy and try all manner of chocolate treats. A traditional breakfast in Grenada is incomplete without a cup of their fabulous cocoa tea. This is normally served with evaporated milk, and laden with the wonderful flavour of fresh Grenadian cinnamon. In the cafe you can try out this lovely drink as well as the fabulous dark, hot chocolate shot – a little cup filled with this rich, smooth drink. Other delights to try are the local chocolate cheesecake, cakes, brownies, and especially their home-made ice-cream. I simply adored their multi-coloured chocolate sweets, filled with ginger, nutmeg and other flavours that define the wonders of the Isle of Spice. To me this is all a taste-dream that I did not wish to leave alone!

To complement all this chocolate-eating the Museum is a really fun way to learn about Cocoa growing, it’s history, and use in Grenada. Displays explain the growing of the Cacao beans, and the ecosystem in the plantations. Pictures and explanations, of the cacao flowers and harvesting, are added to an opportunity to have a try at grinding your own cocoa!

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There has been an explosion in the production of Grenada’s bars of chocolate. These are now shipped all over the world and are available in a whole range of quality suppliers. You should try these chocolate lovely bars – they really do define the art! Large quantities of this dark, tangy treat are now manufactured by the Grenada Cocoa Farmer’s Association and Grenada Chocolate Company. These are on sale  with a variety of forms – from 60% to 100% cocoa, and with the addition of sea salt, Grenadian nutmeg, or locally grown crystallised ginger. Other bars include the crunchy and fibrous cocoa nibs. I loved putting them in the freezer in our room at the Siesta Hotel. Then, as an evening treat we would get a bar out – all snappy and crunchy – as an end-of-day thrill. It is just the most tremendous of flavours!

For a great day out why not visit the House of Chocolate, and then look around the wonderful Grenada National Museum. We did just this, and then went for a meal at the Nutmeg Restaurant on the Carenage. Finally we took a water taxi back to the Grand Anse Beach, for an evening swim. I would say: “That was a perfect day”!

Cocoa and chocolate are delicious ingredients of this cheesecake.
Grenadian chocolate in a cheesecake.

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