Grand Etang: Grenada’s Wildlife – The Song of the Rainforest.

A Grenadian Tree Frog joins in with cicadas to create the song of the rainforest in Grenada. The Grand Etang is a lovely area of waterfalls, rivers and trails. There is a crater lake and visitor's centre. An ideal place for hiking and trekking.

Grand Etang: Grenada’s Wildlife – The Song of the Rainforest.

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Here is why the rainforest sings! I found and photographed this little character one evening last August. He is a tree frog and Grenada is home to millions of them.Whenever I visit I take a pilgrimage: Travel up to the Grand Etang to absorb once again that gorgeous atmosphere. Here he joins in with those other singers, the cicadas, to celebrate life in a natural symphony.

This is the soundtrack to the beautiful Rainforest scenery. Tree frogs (Of the genus Eleutherodactylus) are joined in the choir by the equally vocal cicadas. These insects can often be seen perched on a tree trunk. They are generally larger then the tiny tree frogs, which are sometimes less than a couple of centimetres long. All around the Grand Etang’s lovely crater lake the trees are full of this song. Here is a photograph of a cicada. I took it not far from the Grand Etang National Park Visitor’s Centre:-

The Grand Etang is a lovely area of rainforest in Grenada, full of Caribbean Wildlife. There is a crater lake, visitor's centre, and trails ideal for hiking and trekking
A Grenadian Cicada in the Rainforest.

High up above the Grand Anse Beach are the mountains and ravines of the Grenadian Rainforest. A myriad of these little creatures sing there.
I took the following photograph to show why it’s called the Rainforest! The hazy light shows the lovely crater lake shrouded by a cloak of cloud. This is what sets sets Grenada’s rainforest apart. The luxuriant vegetation is topped by a lake that fills the crater of an extinct volcano. Wonderful trails lead in every direction, leading to waterfalls and mountain peaks. From the Grand Anse Beach you can look and see the weather writ large across the Grand Etang. At school you learn of the water cycle in Geography. In Grenada you can watch it happen. See the clouds form and then head off whither they will, laden with water vapour. Looking up from the beach there is a promise of adventure and beauty in the rainforest:-

Grenada's Rainforest: Grand Etang Crater Lake - a lake in an extinct volcano surrounded by lovely rivers, waterfalls, and hiking and trekking trails.
Grenada’s Rainforest: Grand Etang Crater Lake

I know that within 60 minutes from The Siesta Hotel I can be surrounded by this daily performance. It seems incredible to me that two such diminutive animals can set the atmosphere for such a huge area, but that is the case! Come back here soon, and see the treasures that await those who want to venture further in. We will revisit the Grand Etang in further posts! We will discover the trails and waterfalls, and learn about the visitor’s centre.