21 Years of the Grand Anse Beach – 1993-2014!

crystal clear Caribbean Sea from the Grand Anse Beach

21 Years of the Grand Anse Beach – 1993-2014!

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How many things remain constant over 21 years? Grenada has been our holiday destination  and The Grand Anse Beach has been one constant during those years. The beach has hardly changed. When I was a boy we used to go to Padstow in Cornwall for our lovely summer holidays. We went every year and it was a magical time. As an adult this has changed to Grenada every year, and that is even more magical!

View up Grand Anse Beach in 1993
The exquisite, near-empty Grand Anse Beach in 1993.
Empty Grand Anse Beach in 2014 from the same point.
The luxuriant, magnificent, near empty Grand Anse Beach in 2014 – from the same point!

Looking at these pictures I feel I can walk down the beach out of 1993, and straight into 2014 without noticing the change!

The only differences in these two beach views are the Jetty that was not there in 1993, and the fact that a few of the trees have disappeared in 2014 – allowing a few more buildings to be visible!

A few footsteps North of where the pictures above were taken is the Coconut Beach Restaurant. I love this place, right on the beach!

The two pictures below show the restaurant in 1993 and in 2014. The old wooden house in 1993 has sadly gone as it became unstable. The building was modernised in 2005, keeping the downstairs as a one-story structure in exactly the same site. Also still present is the huge and seemingly centuries old sea almond tree, visible in the pictures below. The food at the restaurant is still the absolutely enticing range of Caribbean specialities with fabulous fish dishes. The same owners, who have been there for decades, run it. I have used this restaurant every year since 1991, and simply adore the exquisite view up the beach. The restaurant is on the same site in 2014, only the upstairs building has gone.

Coconut Beach Restaurant has been on the beach for decades.
The Coconut Beach Restaurant in 1993.
Coconut Beach Restaurant in 2014 0n same site
The restaurant is on the same site in 2014, only the upstairs building has gone.

The first time I walked along the beach in 1991 I was flabbergasted by the sheer scale and beauty of it. There are many times in a week when it is totally deserted – although obviously at Carnival time or a public holiday, or when a cruise ship calls, there are many people there. It is easy, however, to avoid such times and have the whole beach to yourself. There are so many points on the beach where it is possible just to sit and drink in the wonderfully rich views of sea, coastline and mountains. I find it perfect for meditation and calming my mind. If you want a real rest from the stresses of everyday life at work and home – this is the perfect prescription.

My idea of a perfect day on my holiday is to amble up the Grand Anse Beach, and have lunch and a drink at the Coconut Beach Restaurant. Following this is a swim in the gorgeous, nearly deserted sea and a laze on the sand. This is a magnificent build-up to watching the lovely sunset over the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. After this I feel ready for a lovely, restful night at the Siesta Hotel. For nearly 25 years this has been my idea of perfection.

Tables at the Coconut Beach Restaurant in 1993
The Coconut Beach Restaurant has the same tables and chairs and sunshades in 2014 as in 1993.

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Negin Anvar
May 17, 2015 at 9:51 pm

Beautifully written. Reading this makes me want to head to the beach right away.

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