Crab Back: A Caribbean Dish with a Grenadian Flavour!

Crab Back is a Caribbean dish that is different in Grenada. Made from Land Crabs that can be found around Grand Anse!

Crab Back: A Caribbean Dish with a Grenadian Flavour!

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When you come to Grenada you must try Crab Back. Oh gosh how I love that dish! To me this is Grenada’s cooking at its best. It’s a spicy delight with a diversity of flavours. OK, it’s a Caribbean dish, but in Grenada it’s different. The spices are better. The cloves, the thyme and especially the mace, are outstanding. Best of all the Land Crabs that it’s made from are devastatingly delicious! You can see them beside the pretty Mourne Rouge Road. Here they are in this video, living their lives on the bank-sides and verges of Grand Anse:-

They could come from the Morne Rouge Road, right outside the Siesta Hotel. This is the ideal place to find them too. Grenadians will go out on dark nights, armed with torches, buckets and machetes! Using a mixture of skill and creativity they manage to catch these crabs to eat. You need to try this spicy, tangy experience! You will not be disappointed. You can taste crab-meat, lime juice, onions, garlic, thyme, mace, mustard, cloves and parsley, breadcrumbs and pepper in this magnificent creation! In Grenada the ingredients always are the best in the world. The rich, fertile volcanic soil, the abundant water, and the climate ensure this. Grenada is the only place you will find this exquisite combination of factors! This flavour is distinctly Grenadian. Where can you eat Crab Back? We found the nearest place to the Siesta Hotel: We savoured this dish at Le Chateau Restaurant on the Mont Tout Road. We sat at a table on the veranda one glorious moonlit evening. The crab back was sensational. The moon shone on the surrounding hillsides, and the evening was electric. Crab Back is a fabulously spicy dish in Grenada’s cuisine – It’s the picture at the top of the page!


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