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Come to Grenada and let us show you “our little slice of paradise”. Envelop yourself in tropical delight at our small family run hotel. Snugly tucked into a lush hillside, we offer you Grenada accommodation that is friendly and intimate on the totally gorgeous Isle of Spice. Siesta Hotel in Grand Anse is ideal for those on a budget who want to relax and immerse themselves in this lovely tropical island. Five minutes walk and the view suddenly unfolds as you enter the stunning 2.5 mile expanse of the Grand Anse Beach. As you look over the water, to the pretty capital of St George’s, you are surrounded by a huge sky. The crystal clear aquamarine waters of the Caribbean beckon you and entice you to swim in their warmth. Stay and watch the delights of the sunset and then maybe you will see the Green Flash. After sunset, the skies around Grand Anse display colours that slowly intensify into a palette of loveliness, with pinks and purples.

Siesta Hotel is situated on the south west of the lovely Island of Grenada. This island country is a simply fabulous place to take a holiday, with something to appeal to every type of visitor:

  • A beautifully mountainous interior will entice you. Hundreds of rivers and streams tumble down from the heights. Try walking, hiking and cycling and see fabulous waterfalls and rainforest. Prepare to be astounded as you drive through the stunning mountainous terrain. You see vast areas growing mango and banana, nutmeg, cocoa, cinnamon and all the other spices we love in our cooking. The rich volcanic soil and tropical climate allows the growing of an amazing array of delicious tropical fruit and vegetables. You simply have to come and try this! Vegetables in Grenada taste better than from anywhere else. The flavours explode in your mouth! Drive up to the Grand Etang lake – an extinct volcano – through the lushness of the rainforest and see the bamboo arch over the road making a tunnel with a lovely green glow inside. Stand by the lake and soak up the tranquillity of the scene, or hike the many beautiful trails around, past rivers and waterfalls.
  • An exquisite coastline adorned with many phenomenal beaches. Swim, snorkel or dive around the incomparable reefs affording views of tropical marine wildlife. Grenada has a wonderfully intricate history. It was fought over for centuries for the control of its bountiful attractions. Originally inhabited by Amerindians – the Island Caribs – it was then fought over for centuries by the European Empire. France and Britain, particularly, fought to control the spices the Island could produce, and Grenada changed hands many times. This wonderful history is displayed in the wealth of historical sites.
  • A friendly population of local people who will strive to make your stay a happy experience. Grenada features a cuisine that is without equal. Grenadian food is unique and delicious. The eclectic population mix has resulted in a Caribbean cuisine that has influences from many countries. Much of the influence comes from African shores, but this is mixed in with French, British, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese and especially Indian contributions. You have to try crab back, curried goat and Oil Down (The National Dish). Lambie (conch) is a favorite – try it in a roti or curry, it is a magical delight! The array of soups is wonderful; all made with local ingredients. Are you a chilli lover? Grenada’s hot pepper sauce is a favourite in the whole world. It’s best to buy fish freshly caught from fishermen who sell it on the beach, by the docks and on the roadside. Everywhere you go in Grenada somebody is there to sell you food. Road-side stalls are abound with fruit and vegetables, rotis and roast corn, soups, curries and pies. These are all served to you by lovely happy people who make your holiday a joy.

Staying in the Siesta enables you to experience all that the fantastic Island of Grenada has to offer. Indulge in water sports, sample the night-life and local cuisine. Go inland for a spot of hiking or cycling. If that’s too active, then simply relax by the pool. Click the link “About Siesta Hotel” to learn more of why you need to let us introduce you to “our little slice of paradise”.

Rooms for Couples & Individual Travelers

Our tastefully designed rooms provide the perfect atmosphere for your next vacation. We have rooms to meet various budgets, whether you are travelling alone, as a couple, or with the whole family. We have a number of different styles of hotel rooms, One-bedroom apartments, and Two-bedroom apartments. All of our rooms are furnished with air-conditioning, telephones, movie channels, free wireless internet, and private balconies. We have everything you need to make your trip an enjoyable one.

Siesta Hotel Rooms for Grenada Accommodation Grand Anse
Hotel Room
$95 - $125 a night

A modern hotel room at Siesta HotelOur hotel rooms have either a King-sized bed or two separate Queen-sized beds.

  • Air Conditioned
  • Telephone
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Refrigerator
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Siesta Hotel Grenada Budget Accommodation
One Bedroom Suite
$150 - $180 a night

A modern, one bedroom suite at Siesta HotelOur One-bedroom Apartments have a King-sized bed with air-conditioning in the bedroom.

  • King Bed
  • 2 People
  • Safety Deposit Box
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Kitchen
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Siesta Hotel Grenada Budget Accommodation
Two Bedroom Suite
$185 - $220 a night

A modern, two bedroom suite at Siesta HotelOur Two-bedroom Apartments come with a king-sized bed in the master bedroom and two separate beds in the other bedroom.

  • King Bed
  • Extra Bedroom
  • 4 People
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • 850 Square Feet
  • Safety Deposit Box
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Entering Siesta Hotel and Flying Through

Aerial View from Siesta Hotel to the beach

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What Other Visitors Experienced

Grand Anse Beach is close by. The pool is lovely. Restaurants are within walking distance. That’s everything I want.
– Amir Dorri

I have never felt so comfortable and at home, while being so far away from home. Everything I need is within walking distance and the living quarters are safe and quiet. I am so grateful to have found this gem.
– Dalia Rassier – San Francisco, CA

Thank you very much for everything. Excellent attention. Sure I´ll be back. God bless you.
– David Fernández, Venezuela


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